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Credit Monitoring

As the No. 1 credit reference bureau in West Africa, our Credit monitoring is a service that alerts you to changes and activity on your credit report, such as new accounts opened, high balances, or late payments.

XDSData's credit monitoring is essentially a warning mechanism. Credit monitoring is all about awareness and anyone can benefit from credit monitoring since individuals can become a victim of identity theft.

If there are any changes to your credit reports, our credit monitoring will notify you. This enables you to evaluate your credit reports as soon as possible and notify the appropriate financial institution of any unlawful activity before too much harm is done.

The earlier the institution is notified of the incident, the sooner you may freeze your credit to stop anyone from creating accounts in your name. We

What Our Credit Report Offers

We offer a comprehensive credit report where the individual's credit scores is analyzed since individual credit score determines the ability to make purchases before payment. This is based on the history of paying bad debts.

Having a good credit score gives individual the financial freedom to make important financial decisions, such as receiving approvals for credit cards, as well as obtaining mortgages and loans.

Improving Credit

Making timely payments on all debts
Keeping credit card balances low and paying in full each month
Paying off high-interest debt
Limiting new credit applications
Checking credit report for errors and dispute any inaccuracies
Making payments on time for all bills, not just credit cards and loans.

Report & Scores

Our credit report is a record of a person's credit history. It shows how much debt they have, how timely they pay their loans, and if they have had any past problems with debt, such as bankruptcies, foreclosures, or delinquencies.

However, our credit score is a numerical representation of a person's creditworthiness based on the information in their credit report.

It ranges from 300 to 850, a high credit score indicates good credit history, while a low score signals potential credit risks.